Product Description


This product is a composite high temperature cooking film and bag, which is made of high temperature film material。




1、 不含塑化剂,低溶剂残留、无异味,安全卫生;

No plasticizer, low solvent residue, no odor, safe and hygienic.

2、 适合抽真空,材质柔软,强度高,热封性好;

Suitable for vacuum pumping, soft material, high strength and good heat sealing.

3、 采用耐高温蒸煮材料复合,可耐高温蒸煮;

The material is made of high temperature resistant cooking material and can be cooked at high temperature.

4、 抗穿刺强度高;

High puncture resistance.

5、 氧气阻隔性强,保香性好;

The oxygen barrier is strong and the fragrance is good.

6、 适用热成型自动包装设备,抽真空包装后包装袋表面贴体、平整。

It is suitable for hot forming automatic packaging equipment。 After vacuum packaging, the surface of the packaging bags is fitted and smoothed。




1、 适合100℃~135℃高温蒸煮杀菌使用。

It is suitable for cooking and sterilizing at 100 to 135 degrees。

2、 剥离强度≥2.5N/15mm、热封强度≥50N/15mm。

The peel strength is more than 2.5N/15mm, and the heat sealing strength is more than 50N/15mm.


Other functional indicators can be agreed by the supplier and the buyer.


Typical structures are NY/NY/RCPP, PET/AL/NY/RCPP, NY/RCPP and NY/AL/RCPP。


Usage Method


Filling and heat sealing under normal pressure or vacuum, cooking and sterilizing at high temperature in large sterilizing pot or autoclave。

è 用途Purpose

主要用于粽子、肉类熟食、酱料等食品包装。Mainly used for dumplings, meat cooked food, sauce and other food packaging.

è 注意事项

Matters Needing Attention


When loading the car, be careful to light and prevent the mechanical collision。 When stopping in the middle of the road, it is not allowed to stop in the sun and prevent insolation。 It should be stopped in the cool place and the unloading should be in the cool place, so as to avoid the shrinkage and deformation of the products。


This product should be placed at storage conditions, which temperature is not more than 35 degrees。 In a clean, dry, ventilated and cool storehouse, it should be stacked properly。 The distance from the heat source is greater than 2m。


When used, it should be used now and should not be placed in a high temperature workshop for a long time.

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